Zero Point Energy Wand





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The Nano Zero Point Energy Wand looks like an ordinary pen, but contains a mixture of minerals and crystals which are intended to improve overall health. Based on the zero-point energy principle, the wand works on the individual cells of the body, specifically targeting the immune and nervous systems.

The Zero Point Energy Wand can heal humans and pets alike! The Zero Point Energy Wand helps unblock clogged energy pathways within your cells and tissues. This allows the healing process to increase overall health to both humans and animals. So your pets can benefit from the Zero Point Energy Wand also!

The Zero Point Energy Wand contains 11 minerals and crystals. This combination allows the wand to tune into zero point energy and in turn, focuses that energy. It is used to balance the body's chi, hasten the healing process, and pump up your immune system as a whole.

If you place the wand on your palm, you can literally feel the energy being generated by the Zero Point Energy Wand.

The Zero Point Energy Wand offers the following benefits:

~Discharges blockage in the body by allowing the life force to flow freely

~Removes any distortion on the bioenergetic force

~Increases the natural potency of minerals and vitamins found in food, by working on the nutrients within them

~Corrects imbalances in the body

~Helps relieve aches, pains and discomfort

To use the Zero Point Energy Wand, simply point it towards the affected area (for example an arthritic joint, etc.) and rotate the wand in a clockwise motion three to eighteen times and then touch the body at the point being treated. Do this multiple times until you feel a difference. To unblock energy fields, press the wand in between your toes. You may also stir the Wand into beverages. It is worth noting that nanonizing beverages reduces the effects of acidity and tannins in the body, and assists with nutrient absorption.

What ever use you may want the Zero Point Energy Wand for, you can be assured it is a powerful healing tool that you will be happy to have in your life!

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